We strive to create exceptional experiences for your customers through artisanal gelato and dessert that delights

Why Florentia?
Gelato is our passion. With award-winning gelato under our belts and extensive on the ground experience, we're here to guide you in the art of gelato making and creating dessert masterpieces.

Our creativity results in innovative experiences for your customers.

How we can help you
We supply the highest quality artisanal ingredients to our customers. No matter what stage of your business – from opening a new store, to training, to increasing your product offerings – we're here to partner with you in growing your business through gelato and desserts.
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Choosing a gelato showcase - your machinery matters

Choosing a gelato showcase - your machinery matters

If you’re looking to segment into gelato and ice cream, whether that means opening a gelato store or adding gelato and ice cream to your product mix, one of the most important equipment pieces is your showcase. There are lots of options out there, so…
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