Our services

Through specialised technical support, product training and strategic business partnerships, Florentia has the ability and expertise to work with our customers to tailor solutions and products according their specific needs, projects and product requirements, providing an unrivalled approach to customer service.

Whether it be training those that wish to enter the market, or those looking to continue their development, improve quality and recipe formulation through to fine tuning production processes, increased production capacity or new product development our team is dedicated to assisting each of our customers unique needs.

Working closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of each project is our technical and development team. With their expertise they can outline the most effective course of action to turn your dessert concepts into a reality, whether that be through:

- Customising Existing Florentia Products
- Custom Formulation & New Product Development
- Private Label
- Technical Consulting
- Training

Customising Existing Florentia Products

There are a three key methods in which we can modify our existing products in order to create unique flavour profiles and products to suit your requirements and enhance your brand. This can be achieved by modifying:

  • Recipe Formulation: Whilst all Florentia products come with a suggested recipe, our technical team can assist with providing bespoke recipes to create your own unique formulation.
  • Flavours: We have the ability to adjust parameters within our flavour pastes in order to achieve your desired taste.
  • Ingredients: The formulation of our products can be adjusted to allow for ingredient replacements and/or additions.
Custom Formulation & New Product Development

Our development team are continually exploring new flavour profiles, formulations and dessert creations, with the aim of being market leaders in the evolution of specialty desserts. Part of this work includes developing new flavours or actualising new products at the request of our customers.

With the ability to deliver custom blends of pre-mixes and flavours, our team will work closely with you to define a scope of works with measurable deliverables ensuring the success of your creation.

Whilst minimum production quantities are applicable for these types of projects, Florentia do have production scales to suit various output sizes.

Private Label

Understanding the importance of our customers confidentiality, Florentia offer the ability to brand and package products according to our customers specific requirements, working closely with you to determine the appropriate packaging and labelling requirements.

Technical Consulting

A key benefit of partnering with Florentia, is that each member of our team have had extensive experience across the main sectors within the dessert market.

With expertise ranging from artisanal to retail, wholesale manufacturing and distribution to large volume production, our team are well equipped to consult and provide expert advice covering a range of solutions to assist in the success and growth of your own business.

Whether this be refining and streamlining production processes, supplying equipment designed to either engage your customers or to increase your production capacity and yields or even providing guidance and advice with regards to fit-outs for production facilities and retails stores.


At Florentia we believe that education, knowledge and constantly refining techniques are the keys to success, which is why we offer two forms of training to accommodate our clients requirements.

Training Courses:
Our personalised classes are focused on individual attention, catering for groups of 12 or less. Florentia's specific hands on product-related training will make you a master in your field. You will also gain in-depth knowledge across the whole range of Florentia's products and how they will elevate your gelato making.

Onsite training:
Our experts will come to your laboratory to impart all of our tradition and knowledge. The course content is designed to suit the specific requirements of the customer and our consultants will always be ready to cater to your specific needs.