At Florentia we believe that education, knowledge and constantly refining techniques are the keys to success, which is why we offer two forms of training to accommodate our clients requirements.

Training Courses:
Our personalised classes are focused on individual attention, catering for groups of 12 or less. We offer classes ranging from beginners through to those that are looking to up-skill and develop their understanding, particularly in relation to balancing recipes. Florentia's specific hands on product-related training will make you a master in your field. You will also gain in-depth knowledge across the whole range of Florentia's products and how they will elevate your gelato making.

Onsite training:
Our experts will come to your laboratory to impart all of our tradition and knowledge. The course content is designed to suit the specific requirements of the customer and our consultants will always be ready to cater to your specific needs. Please contact us for further info.