We believe in helping people accomplish their dessert dreams
Creating dessert dreams for your customers through innovation and experience

How do we do this?

We manufacture exceptional ingredients, sourced from local Australian suppliers wherever possible. Quality of ingredients is a priority for our team. We know that your customers expect not just the best, but to be really wowed at each mouthful.

Our work goes beyond just the finest ingredients. We provide tailored equipment to suit your needs, and can train your team to ensure they are ready to deliver gelato and dessert masterpieces.

And when it comes to creative, that’s really Florentia in a nutshell.

We strive to create exotic flavours by partnering with you on product development and custom formulations, so that you can be sure your gelato flavours and desserts are going to stand out.

Combined with our real-world experience, we’re on hand to provide you with technical expertise to support your business’ growth. From starting a new business, to ensuring you have the right equipment, to ticking off regulatory and product compliance, you’ll be guided through the steps at every stage.

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Our History

Florentia opened its doors in 2007, the result of years of hands-on experience across gelato manufacturing, small business ownership and various other sectors in the food industry.

We set ourselves apart by our commitment to our customers, and to your customers in return. Your success drives us. We continually innovate to deliver you the finest products. We’re also committed to sustainable practices and reducing our environmental footprint.