Ice Cream/Gelato Cakes

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Semi-Automatic Fillers

Filler Desk | Semi-auto machine for filling tubs from 0.5 to 5 litres

The two dispensers move vertically during dosage to allow the container to be filled precisely. 
Variegation is achieved both externally and internally, thanks to the dispensers' special structure.
The electric control unit is easy and functional, allowing movement and opening of the dispensers to be adjusted. Height of the platform, on which the tank is placed, can be adjusted. The structure is completely made of stainless steel.

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Variant 1000 | Volumetric doser for dispensing and decorating tarts, single portion ices, slices and cakes

Variant 1000 can be used with ice-cream, custard and whipped cream. 
The dispenser dosage can be regulated from 100 cc. to 1000 cc (dispenser cylinders are also available from 0 to 250 cc and from 60 to 500 cc). The machine operates pneumatically. The structure is made entirely of stainless steel. All parts in contact with the product have been approved for use in the food industry.

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Robotic Fillers


The Technogel DR7 robotic doser has been made for replacing manual work in the filling of medium and large containers which require special decorations and rippling. Technogel provides to all its customers the robotic doser model DR7, with several independent movements, able to simulate the hand of a skilled operator and to eve the best possible result in terms of product presentation and decoration. The DR7 has been designed to be compact, clean and easy to use, fully compliant with food environments as the materials used are all certified food safe.

The ice cream doser, connected to a pneumatic valve, where the ice cream flows directly from the continuous freezer; the doser is installed on the terminal part of the robot, and it fills the container according to the needs of the user;
safe dosing system; the tracking technology allows the system to have complete control of the filling and decoration; in fact, through the use of an encoder, the Technogel robotic filler is able to automatically stop the container and finish the decoration.

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Linear Fillers


The linear filler Gemini have been designed for any type of cups, buckets and trays, as the structure is modular and therefore able to adapt to any working condition. There are available conventional dosing devices, including those for managing any type of dust; vibrators for dry products, volumetric feeders, thermal transfer printers and station to perform complete modified atmosphere packaging. 

All models are available upon request with:

  • Trays denester
  • Dosers
  • Sealing device
  • Lidding station
  • Central lubrication system
  • Stainless steel modular frame
  • Handling chain with Brushless motor

Robotic Electronic Doser
The movement on 3 axis is controlled by an advanced electronic control system with brushless motors, incorporating quality components leading to greater reliability.
The gear transmission unit ensures high operational standard and repeatability of the movement.

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