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The ShowLab is a revolutionary new integrated gelato production and display system, allowing you to produce gelato, ice cream, frozen yoghurt or granita in full view of your customers whilst maintaining your product at a consistent temperature ready to be served.

The real innovation of the ShowLab is in the interchangeable stainless steel tubs. The artisan can now produce gelato right at the point of display and then transfer the product straight from the churner to the showcase with just a few simple movements. This intuitive design optimises your production time as multiple flavours can be produced simultaneously.

With a churner quantity and configuration to suit depending upon your store size, space or production requirements the ShowLab is completely versatile and scalable.

Complete control

With the ability to independently adjust the temperature and viscosity settings for each tub, the SL6 allows you to produce 6 flavours simultaneously!

A breeze to clean

Dishwasher-safe teflon blades and stainless steel tub quickly disassemble for rapid ease of cleaning.

Always on show

Soft closing lid with heated plexi/pyrolytic glass eliminates fog and allows visibility of your product.

Real innovation right at your fingertips.
Effortlessly transfer your product from the churner to the showcase in just a few quick movements!

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