Winter is... here!

Whilst we all love summer (particularly us gelato-makers), winter unfortunately is inevitable... that dreaded time of year where we often see a huge shift in our sales figures. However winter need not always be such a downer! Winter sees an array of delicious fruits come into season like, Mandarins, Kiwi Fruit and Oranges, but most importantly winter provides us with the ideal opportunity to do some important 'housekeeping' on your business! Here are are our top three things to keep things moving till Spring!

1. Review your recipes

It is vital to any business to take some time to evaluate, review and analyse where you can reduce some costs, what has worked and what hasn't worked for the growth of your business in the last 12 months.

We see the gelato recipe as being the critical foundation of your business and like all key elements it always needs to be updated, improved and kept relevant. Now is the perfect time to start experimenting, trying new formulations or percentages of ingredients, change milks or try some products from different suppliers. Use this quieter time to experiment, because the worst thing you can do is be stale and not keep abreast with new flavours and trends.

2. Maintaining your capital equipment

Towards the end of winter is the ideal time to contact your trusted technician and ask them to run a general health check on all your machinery. An annual maintenance cycle is crucial in keeping your equipment in tip-top condition, ensuring the longevity of your capital investment and preventing costly breakdowns in peak periods.

Not regularly cleaning your condensers and servicing your equipment coupled with extreme high temperatures in summer can lead to excessive loads and undue stress for you equipment. A breakdown in Summer can be disastrous for your bottom line. Not only do you lose stock, but in those 40º+ days technicians are expensive and sometimes hard to come by, it might even be a day or two before you can get a service technician to your store and if they require parts from overseas it can lead to thousands of dollars in lost sales and revenue.

So as they say prevention is the best cure!

3. Take some time off

With a busy Summer behind you, winter is a time to recharge and reflect upon the season that has passed. Like we mentioned earlier it's a great opportunity to consider what things your business did well, what things possibly didn't work and what can you improve upon coming into Summer. Most of all though it is import to take some time off and recharge your batteries and start thinking and putting together a plan for how you're going to tackle the next summer. Start getting inspiration for new flavours, products and trends.