Choosing a gelato showcase - your machinery matters

If you’re looking to segment into gelato and ice cream, whether that means opening a gelato store or adding gelato and ice cream to your product mix, one of the most important equipment pieces is your showcase. There are lots of options out there, so where do you start?

Gelato showcases have certainly come a long way.

Now there are slick, modern designs, such as the ShowLab, where you can produce gelato, ice cream, frozen yoghurt or granita in full view of your customers. The great thing about the ShowLab is that your frozen creation will be kept at the right temperature and ready to serve to waiting customers.

ShowLab - SL1 ShowLab - SL6  

One of the other things we love about the ShowLab is that there’s no fogging, so your artisanal gelato, ice cream or other frozen product can easily be seen and admired.

Then there are the classic designs like the Galaxy Gelato Showcase, which has LED lighting and the doors can open in three different ways - by the front glass, the upper shelf or the sliding back glass. It’s great for different store set ups.

Galaxy | Gelato Showcase  Galaxy | Gelato Showcase 

The visual display of your artisan gelato and ice cream is so important to the customer experience. You want to show off your creations, so having the right set up to display your products can help catch your customer’s eyes.

With different sizes and customisations available for our gelato showcases, we are happy to partner with you and get your gelato display right.

You also want to make sure that your showcase is doing the best thing by your products, and storing your gelato and ice cream to ensure freshness and superior taste. It’s important to invest in a gelato display that not only looks great but keeps your frozen creation at the right temperature to ensure health and safety.

Why not reach out to chat about your gelato equipment needs? We can help with all aspects of your gelato shop set up or show you where there are opportunities to maximise your sales.

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